Our mission here at Cannonball is a simple recipe.

The Cannonball Print: A down-home dish that is tasty hot or cold. For low-fat version substitute  another printing press, because these things will put meat on your bones!

1 Lurking Artist

1 One-eyed Master-Printer

1 idea

5 cups Backwater Goo

6 spoonfuls of Jumpstart and Holler

9 lbs. Mess With your Face

1 bottle Tickle-My-Fancy

6 smatterings Kick-Ass Juice

1 handful of Fine Art

Preheat idea in Oven of Rock. Make sure color is off! Allow images to gestate and contort at will. When mysterious, funny or twisted, remove and slap on table. Add all ingredients, and beat and cut until smooth and hot. Do not add Fine Art at this point. Add master-printer, work him into a steady boil, edition. Throw Fine Art in trash.