Cannonball Press was founded in Brooklyn, NY in 1999. Since then, Cannonball Press has been publishing woodcuts, relief prints, screenprints, & letterpress prints, and selling them for $20 a pop. From the start, Cannonball Press' mission has been to produce high-quality, affordable, one-pass black & white prints by young artists.

In addition to publishing, Cannonball Press makes large scale thematic collaborative prints, sculptures, and installations made entirely out of woodcuts. The work that Cannonball has produced has taken Cannonball to Hong Kong, Estonia, South Africa, Maui, Germany, Denmark and Finland, as well as to numerous U.S. cities coast to coast. Cannonball Press has lectured at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, The Taubman Museum of Art, numerous universities and printmaking conferences, and in 2009, was proud to have been named a United States Artists Ford Fellow.

Cannonball Press will always try to make compelling prints people can enjoy and afford, and hopefully add some small chapter to the rich history of printmaking.

-Martin Mazorra